How Long Do Hockey Game Last? [Answered]


How Long Do Hockey Game Last 2

In a 60-minute hockey game, the regulation is 45 minutes plus three 15-minute periods with a mandated stoppage in play after each period so that teams have to leave the ice for about 18 minutes. That’s not including overtime and any national anthems that can take place before or after games and the halftime break.

However, a 50-minute hockey game is three 20-minute periods with a mandated stoppage of play after each period. With that being said, there aren’t any TV timeouts that might extend those games to around an hour and 40 minutes long.

Injuries are common in the game. So, several minutes are added to the game depending on how many players are injured and for how long they will be unable to play.

During an ice hockey game, weather conditions may also affect the game. For instance, if there is a lot of ice on the rink, skating can be impossible, requiring more time to clear the ice and finish playing.

How Long do Hockey Games Last?

The hockey game is a 60-minute game, but if you are watching in a stadium, then you may need to spend 2.5 hours. The period usually contains three 15-minute segments with an 18-minute break between each one. This is not taking into account halftime, TV timeouts, or any anthem that takes place before/after the game.

Injuries may happen in a hockey game, and it can add minutes to the end of the game depending on how many players get injured and how long they were out of the game. The weather can affect the game as well. If there is a lot of ice, skating will be impossible, requiring more time to clear the ice and finish playing.

What Factors can Effect Hockey Game Duration?

There are some factors that can impact a hockey game. You can see them below.


An injury is the most obvious factor that can cause a hockey game to end early. Because of this fact, there are players and referees on hand to make sure that injuries don’t occur during the game.

Unnecessary Roughness (Fighting):

Some hockey games end due to fighting between players. If two players choose to fight, then one of two things happen. If the two players are on the same team, then both of them can be ejected from the game. The other option is if one player was playing for one team and the other player was playing for an opposing team, then both players can be ejected from that game. The referees can also eject an individual hockey player at any time. A referee could eject a player if they don’t abide by the rules of hockey. For example, if a player decides to hit another player illegally without trying to stop themselves during the play, then they can be ejected from the game. If they interfere with an opposing player, they c ejected.


Hockey games end early if one team forfeits the game to another team. This is actually more common than you might think. For example, maybe a player gets sick and can’t play, so they forfeit the game because it isn’t fair for the other team to have an uneven number of players on each side.

What is a Tie in Hockey Game?

In hockey fan scores during the allotted time period, then in a hockey game, two teams will either leave as a tie or go into overtime. If there is no score at all after one team has played for sixty minutes of hockey, and the other team only needs forty-five more minutes, then they will continue to play until someone scores. This is an example of a tie.

In the NHL, some games end in a tie. In order to avoid ties in hockey games, after an even amount of time has been played, the teams will go into five minutes of overtime. Overtime is sudden death which means that if one team scores, then they automatically win, and if no one scores, then it is a tie.

What is Overtime Hockey?

If there is no score after the game has gone for sixty minutes of regulation time, then the game will go into overtime. This is also known as sudden death. During the five minutes of overtime, one goal will end the game and give that team all three points for the win. Usually, both teams will play with four skaters and one goalie during overtime.

This means that only one extra player plays for each team instead of two, like in regular hockey games. If a team has a two-man advantage due to penalties, they can still use five players total on the ice. They can use four skaters and one goalie, or they can use three skaters and two goalies.

There is some controversy over how this type of hockey ends in a tie. Some people think that it should end with each team getting one point and the game ending in a tie, while others think that overtime should end differently, which would result in an uneven amount of points.

Are Hockey Games Usually Long?

Hockey games are usually 60 minutes long. This means that, in order to win the game, a team must either score or prevent their opponents from scoring at least three times during the course of sixty minutes of hockey. Some games can end early due to various reasons like injuries, fighting, or because one team forfeited the game.

How Long Do Ice Hockey Games Last?

Hockey games usually last about sixty minutes. Sometimes the game ends early if one team forfeits the game to another team or due to fighting between players. If it does not end early, then teams will play for five minutes of overtime in order to determine who wins the game. Overtime is sudden death which means that if one team scores during that time, then they win, and the final score will remain the same, while if neither team scores during that five minutes of overtime, then it is a tie.

What is a Period in Hockey Game?

A period in a hockey game is fifteen minutes long. There are three total periods in a hockey game, which means that the game usually takes about 60-90 minutes depending on how many overtime periods there are if any at all. Most games do not go into overtime because one team will have at least two goals by the end of regulation time. Some games can last longer than three periods if they go into overtime.

What is a Goal in Hockey Games?

In hockey games, a goal is worth one point. In order to score a goal, the players must shoot or pass the puck from inside of their own zone all the way to the opponent’s net, and it cannot be blocked by the goalie or any of the other players. Some goals are worth more points if the player shot the puck into a specific area of their opponent’s net.

What is a Hockey Game?

A hockey game is played between two teams with five skaters and one goalie on each team to score more points than their opponents by shooting or passing the puck into their opponent’s net. The hockey game ends when one team has scored three goals before the opposing team does in order to win the game. Hockey games usually last for sixty minutes, but they can end early if one of the teams forfeits or fights on the ice rink, resulting in penalties that lead to a forfeit.



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