How Long Does 5GB of Data Last? [Answered]

If you are using a 5GB internet plan and want to know how long does 5GB of data last, this article will cover everything. The data usage rate for streaming an hour of Netflix (HD) video is estimated to be 1GB per hour, whereas, for YouTube (SD), the estimate falls down to 0.7GB per hour.

However, other factors are used to determine the rate of consumed data. These include your screen brightness, whether you stream in 720p or 1080p, and whether or not you stream in stereo sound.

In addition, other factors such as your computer’s age and what browser you’re using to stream the Netflix video add a number of variables that determine how much data you’re using.
Different websites have different streaming rates, so finding a definitive sum for all sites would be difficult.

How Long Does 5GB of Data Last

How long does 5GB of data last?

Below is the table of streaming services like Netflix, YouTube along with video resolution and the time in which you can use 5GB of data.

Streaming PlatformData Streaming Rate/Hour
Netflix (HD)0.5GB/hr
YouTube (SD)0.7GB/hr
YouTube (HD)2GB/hr
Hulu (HD)2GB/15min
Hulu (SD)0.3-1.5GB/15min
3,000 web pages surfing60 Hours
Sending e-mail1,750,000 messages
Streaming music1,000 songs
Skype voice call153 hours
Skype video call22 hours
Online radio listning85 hours

Is it possible to use 5GB of data in a day?

Yes, it is possible to use 5GB of data in a day. There are many online activities that require you to download or upload files stream videos and music, which could be done within this time period. However, there are some activities that will take days on end due to the massive volume of data being transferred. These include downloading large games, movies or backing up your entire hard drive.

*Note: To do these activities, you will have to upgrade your data plan or use public Wi-Fi to stay within the 5GB limit of your current data plan. You can also turn off automatic video streaming on Netflix and YouTube when not using them, which would be putting less pressure on your data plan.

How much is 5GB of data in MB?

There are 1024MB in 1GB. Therefore, 5GB of data is equal to 5,242,880KB of 5.3MB.

Can I get an estimate of how long it will take to stream a movie on Netflix?

Yes, you can review the streaming rates for popular movies and TV shows below:

MovieStreaming Rate
Skyfall (2012) (HD)0.5GB/hr (2h 45min)
Taken 2 (2012) (HD)0.5GB/hr (1h 40min)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) (HD)0.5GB/hr (2h 30min)
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) (HD)0.5GB/hr (2h 57min)

Also, there are different rates of streaming these movies depending on the resolution of your internet connection and whether you choose to watch it in 1080p or 720p. You can also stream different soundtracks, which will affect the amount of data being consumed. For example, streaming a movie in 5.1 will use more data than in 2.0 or stereo.

How many hours will 5GB of data last?

Using these variables, you can calculate how much data you’re using when streaming Netflix videos by following this formula: (Time in minutes) * (Movie Length in hours) * (Streaming Rate). This results in the amount of GB used for that movie. Thus, a 90 min movie with an HD streaming rate would use the following formula: (90 min) * (1.5 hrs/GB) = 135GB. The average SD streaming rate for movies is 0.7GB/hr and 2GB/hr for HD. The extra time required for buffering adds to these times, so it’s best to start watching the video before it actually starts.

Using this calculation, you can easily identify whether or not you will go over your 5GB data limit before watching a movie on Netflix by simply calculating how long it would take to watch that particular movie.


It is possible to use up all 5GB of data. However, remember that the time required for other activities varies greatly depending on their size and the amount downloaded/uploaded.

Any activity requiring a massive transfer of files or videos can take days before going through your entire 5GB limit. To avoid going over your data plan, try to stick to activities that aren’t too intensive, such as surfing the internet and checking emails.



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