How Long Does a Baseball Game Last? [Answered]


During an official Major League Baseball game, each team bats until three batters have been put out (known as an ‘inning’). On average, most MLB games last around three hours, but this can vary from less than two hours to more than four hours. A full nine innings have to be played, even if it rains or a game is called off early for any other reason.

The rules state that a standard length baseball match has to start before 4:10 pm and last at least five innings if there are no delays. If it starts after 4:10 pm, the match has to last five complete innings before it can be stopped. On average, a baseball game takes around 90 minutes to two hours from the first pitch until the final out is recorded.

Baseball InningsLasting Time
Minor League6 2 hours
Tee-Ball3 5 1.5 hours
Senior Leauge7 2 hours
Babe Ruth7 2 hours
Major Division6 2 hours
Intermediate7 2 hours
College9 3 hours
High School7 2 hours
Junior Leauge7 2 hours
Major League9 3 hours
Minor League9 3 hours

How Long is a Baseball Game?

How Long Does a Baseball Game Last

The average length of a baseball match is 2 hours and 55 minutes. During this time, batters have to hit the ball and get around four times at bat before being declared out by the opposing team getting them out. If a game goes into extra innings, it can last for several hours because each inning must consist of three outs.

How Long is a 7 Inning Baseball Game?

A 7 inning game takes around two hours and 30 minutes. The first six innings only last an hour because there are fewer batters due to the rule of ‘three strikes, you’re out. However, there is a greater chance of runs being scored in the last inning if both teams have strong offensive players who can bat any other team’s players out.

How Long is a 9 Inning Baseball Game?

A full nine innings game takes around three hours to complete. If it starts after 4:10 pm, the match has to consist of five complete innings before it can be stopped. Every team gets up to four chances at bat. There are no time limits on any inning, but the game must be completed within the standard twelve innings.

What Factors can affect the Time Duration of a Baseball game?

There are certain factors that can impact the duration of a baseball match. Let’s have a look at those factors.


There is no doubt that perfect weather can help to play a baseball game in one way or another. If the weather is good, they can play cricket in an enjoyable atmosphere. Still, if in bad condition or not so favorable situation in any way, it will be so hard for them to enjoy the game with full excitement and concentration.

Rain, heat & humidity

Rain, too, can be the reason for concern for the players, spectators, and umpires. Even heat can also be a factor that creates a terrible impact on the game if it’s not properly prepared to play in extreme conditions.

Time of day

The time of day is another important factor that influences baseball game duration. Many teams like to play night matches because the visibility is better at night, and more fans come to enjoy the game.

Time of year

Another important factor that can influence on the duration of a baseball match is the time of year. Some stadiums are exposed to climatic conditions where playing baseball varies greatly from one season to another. Sometimes, even some big games like World Series or playoffs are only played in bad weather conditions.


Another most important factor is the umpire’s decision, which directly influences the game duration. Umpire’s decision always has a full impact on the game, but it can’t be avoided as there is no alternative to umpire decisions.

During an official Major League Baseball match between two teams, the game has to last at least five innings of three outs made by each batter who gets up to bat. Each team gets a minimum of 27 outs in a 9-inning game and 36 in a regulation length 7 inning game.

In games that have to be completed within a certain number of innings due to time constraints or weather, the team that is leading after 5 1/2 innings is the winner. If both teams have scored an equal number of runs at this time, it will be a tie and an official game score with no winners or losers listed.

How Long is a Baseball game in High School?

A high school baseball game takes around three hours to complete, but it will be considered a tie if it doesn’t reach the minimum innings requirement. Each team gets four chances at-bat, and all players start as a runner.

The distribution of playing time is also different in high school matches because students are not allowed to play more than three innings consecutively. If a player is taken out of the game, they cannot return as a substitute for another player at any point during the match.

How Long Is Baseball Game in College?

A college baseball match normally lasts between three and a half hours to four and a half hours. There are nine innings played with seven players batting per team in each inning. Teams normally play two games against each other in a day, one at either of the college’s baseball fields.

How long is a Bees Baseball Game?

During a standard baseball game, the home team gets to bat at the bottom of each inning while the away team turns to do so at the top of each inning. If there are no further innings after 12 full innings have been played (9 for high school), then whichever team is winning at this point will be declared the winner and recorded as such. The game will end in a tie if the score is tied.

If there are further innings after these 12, then the game only ends when one team has won by achieving or exceeding a total of ten runs compared with their opponent’s score at any point in the match. This means that no matter how many innings are played, if the scores are level at the end of the play, then it will be declared a tie.

What is a Baseball Inning?

A baseball inning consists of each team taking turns at batting and fielding. A professional game normally has nine innings because it lasts for three hours. Each team will turn bat every inning until the game reaches its conclusion. The number of players on the field also changes during an inning which ends when all players are substituted or removed. If two teams play each other, they get four chances to bat and three outs.

Baseball games can last anywhere from under an hour to more than four hours long. A time for a game cannot be set in stone as it changes depending on how quickly one team scores and which players are involved. If the home team is batting and runs are not scored, the game continues until one has been.

If there is a tie during an inning, it simply ends, and no runs are recorded for either team. Moreover, if two innings result in a tie each, then this after time to break the deadlock is given but once this expires, whichever side is winning at that point wins by default.

How Many Innings in a Baseball Game?

A baseball game, in most cases, lasts nine innings, with each inning consisting of three outs from the outfield players. If the two teams are tied at the end of nine innings, they either play more, or time is added to see who emerges the winner. There are usually four innings in high school and college games, and a fourth out is recorded if players who had the turn to bat do not score.

If a player commits three outs, they must leave the rest of the match as they cannot play on for their team. Because of this rule, sometimes less than nine innings may be played as it is better for a player to be used in a later inning than not at all.

There is much more pressure on the players in professional baseball games because they have far less time to achieve a result. They play nine innings, but because each team bats three times rather than four, it means that a game will rarely last longer than three hours.

What are Major League and Minor League?

There are two types of leagues in baseball: Major League and Minor League.

Major League

A major league is a baseball league that is most commonly known, especially in the US. A major league team consists of players who have been drafted by a franchise and then paid to play for them. The most common reason for someone not being allowed to play professional baseball is because they have been banned from the league.

A major league team has a fixed number of players during a match, depending on how many substitutes are allowed. For example, if a coach wants to use all their substitutes in a game, then the team only plays with nine, while if they want to keep them for future matches, there can be 25.

Minor League

A minor league team is a lot more local, and the players will be drafted and paid less than those in major leagues. Only players who have not been selected for the top league can be drafted into a minor one, but this does not mean that they’re not as good because some of them may well go on to play in a major league.

A minor league team can have a mix of players from a number of different teams within the same division; for example, it might be made up of members from two or three other local clubs.

In general, both leagues have equal standing, but there is more pressure on professional baseball players because they don’t get as much time on the field as those in minor leagues.

What is a baseball game?

A baseball game consists of nine innings, and each team bats three times. If there is a tie after nine innings, extra time will be added to break the deadlock, but if this fails, whoever was winning when time expired wins by default. A baseball match lasts between three and five hours.

Major League teams have 25 players on their roster, with nine of them being allowed to play at any one time. Minor league teams are made up of members from other local baseball clubs.


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