How Long Does a Crush Last? [Answered]

A crush is a kind of feeling that doesn’t last long. How long does a crush last? A crush can be felt in many ways by many people.

A crush is an infatuation, which really is just when you want to impress or desire someone so they like you back or at least notice you. According to research, a crush can last up to four to five months.

If you have a crush on someone, don’t worry—most people do! A crush is just when you like or fall in love with someone. When this happens to you, it’s perfectly normal to feel shy around the person and not know what to say; this can be really difficult for some people.

Everyone goes through crushes at some point, and you will get over it. A crush on someone usually only lasts about four months or sometimes even less. That’s how long a crush would last for people who like each other, but it doesn’t mean the same if this is not the case.

What is the difference between a Crush and Love?

Crushes are merely small, infatuated opinions of someone. We all experience them at some point. Love is a strong feeling towards another person so much that you want to be with them forever.

How long does a crush last before it turns into love?

A crush can last from a few days to a few months. It is not something that will turn into love, but rather more of an infatuation or admiration for someone.

When you have a crush on someone, it usually lasts about 3-5 months unless there is a reason for the feelings to stop taking place. For example, if they get a new girlfriend or boyfriend. If they end having feelings for the person back, it is possible that the crush can last even longer from there, but this depends on the situation.

It all really depends on how long you have been crushing and if this comes to a stop or not, because if not, it will probably last a bit more!

How long does a crush last for a Guy and Girl?

Crush Last for Guys

For boys, a crush usually lasts for a shorter period of time. When a boy believes that a girl is cute, he will have an infatuation with her. It can last from six months to one year or even more depending on how long it takes until the boy falls in love with the girl his friend likes.

Crush Last for Girls

Girls usually have a crush on someone for more than three months. A girl might not even know she has a crush on him until he shows some interest in her by finding out his name, what school he goes to, and staying close to him so they can both get to know each other.

The length of the crush depends on how long it takes for the girl to know whether or not she likes him.

Overall, a crush lasts for about four months to a max of eight months, depending on how long it takes until you know if you actually have feelings for that person or not. If you are really set on them, then it can last longer, but if they do not feel the same way towards you, it is only a matter of time for your feelings to fade.

What are the signs that a Crush turned into love?

A crush can turn into true love at any time. There is no specific time for a crush to become a strong love. However, there are some factors that will tell you that you are finally falling in love.

  • You will feel comfortable talking to the person, and you don’t feel nervous anymore. You will also start thinking about this person all the time, and you can’t stop thinking about them even for a minute.
  • You will want to spend more time with the person you like, not because it is your duty but simply because this person makes you happy. When those feelings last for more than three months, it is very probable that you fell in love.
  • When the crush feels like a burden, and it takes all your energy to think about this person, then you are definitely falling in love with them… It might take longer or shorter, but eventually, the feelings will be mutual.
  • You start bonding over certain things like movies, music, or books. You will notice that you have common interests with the person you like, making your time together more pleasant.
  • You also stop caring about what people think about you when you are in front of him/her. If you are acting normally without thinking too much about what other people would say to others, then it probably means you like the person a lot and want to be with them as much as possible…
  • Overall, if you feel less stressed and more comfortable around this person, then it is very likely that you already feel something special towards the person, and you fell in love.

Is there a Relationship Timeline?

A crush can last from a few days to years, depending on how long it takes for the person to stop having these strong feelings.

2 months to 3 months is when you will start feeling more comfortable around that person, even though you know that they don’t feel the same way! This period of time is very important because this will decide whether or not you keep liking this person.

If you notice that the person you like is not giving you any attention or they don’t even talk to you, then that might be a sign it’s time for you to stop crushing on them and move on.

6 months- 1 year is when people usually become aware of their feelings towards the person they like. This usually happens because the boy finally finds out the name of the girl he has a crush on or because they go to the same school.

If you notice that your crush is staring at you from time to time, but they don’t talk much to you, then probably they have feelings for you as well.

In some cases, people start dating each other after being friends for a longer period of time. This might be the case for some couples, but it is important to confess your feelings before you start dating, or else your friendship will probably fall apart.

After 1 year to 2 years, people usually become more committed and serious with their partners. This means that either you guys already fell in love and now you’re trying to build your relationship on a platonic level, or you are dating each other for more than 1 year, which means that sparks started flying a long time ago.

It is important to spend as much time together with your partner as possible from this point on. However, it is also very important to communicate with them regularly because otherwise, the feelings will fade, and you will end up breaking up.

In some cases, people still have feelings for each other even after more than two years of being together, but those feelings slowly fade away as time goes by…

How to Survive during the Pain of Broken Heart?

Keep one thing in mind people come and go, and you have to love others. It is important to follow this quote because it will help you go through these sad feelings and one day finds happiness again.

It doesn’t matter how long you crush on someone; what matters here is if they feel the same way about you or not. If they don’t, focus on your life and broaden your horizons!

It is very important to feel your feelings and not bottle them up. Try to talk to your friends or parents about these. This will help you get rid of all this negativity by talking about it with someone else.

If you are going through a lot of pain because you have a broken heart, then going out for a night might be the best idea. Spend time with your friends and if you really feel like it, go on a date to distract yourself from these thoughts…

It is important to understand that there is plenty of fish in the sea, so keep searching until you find someone who will love you for who you are!

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