How Long Does Bologna Deli Meat Last? [Answered]

Deli meats are usually pretty inexpensive, but they can spoil quickly if not stored correctly. Learning how to keep deli meat properly will allow you to maximize the shelf life of each type of meat. However, if you want to know how long does bologna deli meat last. Then read this article. I will also explain the benefits and nutritional value of deli meat in this article.

How Long Does Bologna Last (Open/Unopen)?

BolognaRefrigerated (40° F | 4° C)Freezer (0° F | -18° C)
Open1 WeekDo not Freeze Opened Bologna
Unopened (Sweet)4 Months6 Months
Unopened Jack’s Mountain Beef Bologna1 Year6 Months
Unopened Ring Bologna 2 Months6 Months

The shelf life of opened Bologna deli meat is around one week to two weeks. You can keep bologna deli meat in the fridge for 7 to 10 days. However, when kept unopened at 40-degree Fahrenheit temperature, it can last up to two weeks.

However, an unopened Bologna deli meat can last for 120 days in the fridge if stored properly. To make bologna last longer, you can freeze it and thaw it when you want to eat it.

Bologna is made of high-fat content; thus, it spoils quickly when not stored correctly. The fat in bologna has got a bad reputation over the years, but it has been claimed that fat can help lose weight by boosting metabolism in recent years.

What is Bologna Deli Meat?

How Long Does Bologna Deli Meat Last?

Bologna deli meat is a type of lunch meat that is prepared by mixing various meats with spices, salt, nitrate, and other preservatives. The mixture is then stuffed into casings made of collagen or cellulose to make bologna sausages. Bologna deli meat comes in different flavors.

Why Should I Know How to Store Deli Meat Properly?

Learning how to store deli meat properly can help you make the most of your groceries. So, how long does bologna last in the fridge is only half of the things you need to know about deli meat. The other half is knowing how to store it.

How to store deli meat properly:

Keep the bologna in a separate drawer from other foods. Deli meat can easily contaminate other foods with bacteria because of its high-fat content and the presence of nitrates and preservatives.
Store deli meats in a large container or bag so that you can squeeze out all the air. Air will help bacteria grow on the meat and make it spoil faster.

Don’t store deli meats near vegetables and fruits because their pungent smell will influence the flavor of bologna if you want to store them in a fridge, place bologna in one compartment and other foods in another compartment.

Bologna Nutrition Value

A three-ounce serving of bologna has got 67 calories, 20 grams of protein, and four grams of fat. It also has 350 milligrams of sodium (14 percent DV) and one gram of total sugars (not including added sugars). With no cholesterol, Bologna deli meat contains high levels of selenium (70 percent DV) and vitamin B12 (50 percent DV).

However, it is important to note that bologna deli meat contains high levels of saturated fat. Thus, you should not over-consume this kind of food if you are watching your fat intake.

How to Check if Bologna Go Bad?

You can easily spot spoiled bologna deli meat by its color and smell. If the bologna looks weird and smells bad, avoid using it.
However, if you can’t see the mold, you should check whether the bologna has any blue or green color. If it does, then it is spoiled.

Bad Sour Smell: If you can tell that bologna deli meat is spoiled by its color and smell, then there is no need to eat it. You should throw it away immediately.
However, if you can’t see the mold or the blue/green color on the bologna deli, but you still can tell that it has a bad sour smell, then you should avoid eating it.

Slimy Texture: It is probably spoiled if bologna has a slimy texture. It may look normal and maybe even smell okay, but it is better to avoid eating it because its slimy texture can make you sick.

Rancid Odor: Another sign of bad bologna is when it starts to give out a rancid odor. If it is rancid, then you should avoid eating it because it can make you sick when consumed.
If the bologna deli meat has got any of these signs, you should avoid eating it and throw it away if there is already an infection.


In conclusion, I want to say that bologna deli meat is good, but it spoils quickly when not stored right. I also want to say that you should learn how to store bologna deli meat properly or else you will end up suffering from food poisoning.



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