How Long Does Hot Pepper Hands Last? [Answered]

Working in the kitchen requires some safety precautions as you can get in contact with flames, a hot pan, a sharp knife, and burning peppers. By burning peppers, we mean the fiery capsicum of chili.
How long does hot pepper hands last? Chilies can cause irritation, swelling, and redness on the skin.

It may happen by direct contact or touching your eyes, nose, and mouth while preparing them for cooking.

While washing the hands, run water over them to reduce heat and remove some of the oils. Also, use water or vinegar to rinse off chilies from your hands after preparation.

How Long Does Hot Pepper Hands Last

How long does hot pepper hands last?

Pepper hands can last for up to 24 hours. The burning sensation will eventually reduce after 24 hours, whether it is on your hands, nose, or any other skin area of your body. The next day, you will get some relief.

When you are exposed to chili, it causes a burning sensation. Due to its active component capsaicin, it penetrates into your skin and starts reacting with the proteins present in the outermost layer of skin cells. The process creates heat leading to irritation, swelling, and redness on the skin. It may happen by direct contact or touching your eyes, nose, and mouth while preparing them for cooking. The irritation may last up to 24 hours after exposure.

How to remove the burning sensation from chili on hands?

There are some remedies to soothe your skin if you have burned yourself with chilies:

Garlic Milk

Garlic milk is one of the simplest home remedies for the burning sensation caused by chili. Crush garlic in a bowl, mix it with milk, and apply it to the affected area.

Onion Juice

Onion is also a good remedy for the burning sensation caused by chili as it soothes the swollen skin and reduces pain. Grate some onion, mix it with water to form a paste, and apply it to the burned area.

Apply Vinegar

Applying vinegar on your hands after removing chili can reduce the burning sensation. It makes the skin less sensitive to capsaicin. Another substance that comes in vinegar is acetic acid, which helps fight irritation caused by pepper hands.

Wash with Water

Water also helps to decrease the burning effect on your skin after contact with chilies. Wash your hands thoroughly with running water or rub your hands with vinegar or lemon juice.
Wash your hands thoroughly with running water to remove the capsaicin after cooking chilies.

Rub Oil on Skin

Another way to decrease the burning sensation after contact with chili is by applying oil to the affected area. This will help to soften your skin and make it less sensitive to capsaicin.

Use Dish Soap to Remove Jalapeno Oil from Skin

In case you have been exposed to the oil of jalapeno pepper, use dish soap to remove it from your skin. Wash your hands with water and add some dish soap to the affected areas. Rinse it off after a few minutes.

You can also take pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen to quickly relieve burning sensations.

Treat Burning Sensation with Cold Dairy Products

You can use cold dairy products to treat burning sensations if you have a chili-related injury. For instant relief, apply milk to the affected area.

Soak in Baking Soda Solution

Mix baking soda with water and soak your hands into the solution for 10 minutes. The alkaline properties of baking soda will help relieve the discomfort caused by chili.

If you have been constantly exposed to chilies, you can take some precautions before starting your day.
Do not touch eyes, mouth, and nose with chili-covered hands as it increases the burning sensation on the skin. In case of eye contact, flush them thoroughly with water for at least 10 minutes. If you do not flush them properly, it can lead to eye inflammation, corneal damage, and reduced vision.

In case of chili ingestion, follow the instructions on the pack. Do not induce vomiting unless you have been instructed by a health care provider or product label.

Why does Jalapeno Cause Burning Sensation on Skin?

Jalapeno belongs to the peppers family and is one of the most commonly used spices in Mexican cuisine. It contains an active compound capsaicin which irritates your skin and causes a severe burning sensation.

Capsaicin starts reacting with the proteins present in the outer layer of skin cells and creates heat leading to swelling, redness, pain, and burning sensation.

How to Avoid Burning Sensation While Dealing with Jalapeno?

If you want to know the tips on how you can avoid burning hands when you are cutting jalapeno pepper, cooking it, or just washing it, then here are some tips that you can use next time whenever you are dealing with this magical little pod.

Wear Gloves

First, always wear gloves when you are cutting jalapeno peppers or any kind of chili pepper. If you do not have any gloves at home, rubber bands can also be used to cover the hand before cutting it. It is very important to prevent direct contact between hands and skin while cutting the peppers.

Rub with Oil

When you are cutting any kind of chili pepper, then put some oil on your hands to avoid contact between chilies and skin; the heating properties of the peppers can be prevented by putting oil on it before your hand is removed from them.

Soak Hands in Vinegar

Another best way is to soak your hands in vinegar for a few minutes when dealing with this pepper. It will avoid direct contact between skin and the capsaicin present in peppers, as vinegar also contains acetic acid, which can play a major role in breaking up those capsaicin molecules from the skin of your hands.

Wash Your Hands With Hot Water

Hot water is the best thing that you can use to remove oil or capsaicin from your hands. It will be better if you use dish soap with hot water whenever possible on the skin of your hands where they have been in contact with jalapeno peppers.


So now you know how long hot pepper hands last and some tips to prevent a burning sensation. It can take a few hours for complete recovery. I hope this article is informative enough. Thanks for reading!



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