How Long Does Keurig Last? [Answered]

Keurig is the best coffee maker machine on the market. If you are a coffee lover, then you must be aware of this amazing coffee maker brand. But before you buy your first Keurig, you must know how long does Keurig last? And after that, you can make a better decision about whether to buy this coffee maker or not.

Keurig is a brand name that is known worldwide. However, before you buy this machine, you need to know the average lifespan of this machine first because it is also costly.

How Long Does Keurig Last?
How Long Does Keurig Last?

Many people use this coffee maker to make coffee at their house or even in their office. The popularity of this machine is increasing day by day because it serves different types of coffee according to your mood whether it’s hot or cold coffee, you are simply good at making all types of tasty coffee within a few minutes every time without the use of any other outside help.

If you have an expensive model, then its durability will also belong. But if you are buying a cheap model, then the durability might not last long for this type of machine.
If your coffee maker is expensive, it certainly has more features than a cheaper one, which makes the product worth the price tag.

How Long Does Keurigs Last?

The average lifespan of a Keurig is three to five years. In some cases, it can also last for up to six years if handled with care. However, there are other factors that decide the average lifespan of this machine. For example, if you are using it regularly and generating more and more coffee cups each day, the lifespan of this machine will be reduced accordingly.

On the other hand, if you are buying a cheap quality machine, it doesn’t have many features available in an expensive brand model. Cheap machines are not durable as you think because they come with low-quality parts that break down after a certain time.

There is no need to worry about the lifespan of this machine because the parts of this machine are easy to find, and it is easily available on the market.

So, don’t think about how long Keurigs last? It surely depends on the usage and quality of the machine that you are buying. If you want to buy a long-lasting machine, then choose an expensive model with all the latest features, and it will last for a longer duration.

However, if you simply want to buy a cheap machine with medium-quality features, then it is good but doesn’t expect it to last long, or else you will be disappointed.

Can I Keep Keurig On All The Time?

Keeping any electronic appliance on for all time is not a good thing. It can create hazards, especially if you are living with kids. However, in the case of Keurig, it comes with an auto-off feature that is designed to turn off the machine automatically when it is not in use.

You can run this coffee maker machine three to four times in one day, depending on your usage, and if you are running it more than that, then you should be worried about the hazards of this product. The automatic shut-off feature helps save electricity by turning off the machine automatically when not in use.

Do Keurig Breaks Fast?

Most of the coffee brewers that are available on the market come with a breaking hazard. However, there are some precautions that can prevent this before it happens. If we talk about Keurig, then there is no chance that your machine will break spontaneously. It has a self-cleaning feature that ensures the longevity of this coffee brewer, and it’s easy to clean.

Talking about how long Keurigs last, some people claim that they don’t last long, but at the same time, others say that this machine will last for five years. It all depends on your machine usage and how you are handling it.

Can I Use Coffee Pods Forever?

Coffee pods are one of the best features of Keurig, which makes it more unique than other coffee brewers available in the market. However, there is no chance that you can use coffee pods forever. You should be aware of the fact that these pods contain plastic which is harmful to your health in the long run.

It means; that eventually, you will have to buy a new set of expensive coffee pods that do not come with variety so you might get bored with them.

There are some other choices available that you can use to switch your coffee pods if you don’t want to use the same brand every time. You can choose any one among them according to your needs and budget.

How to Enhance the Lifespan of Keurig Coffee Brewer?

If you want to use your Keurig brewer for a longer time without facing any issues, you need to take some steps and follow the tips. First of all, you should read the manual guide or user’s manual so that you can use it safely without any hazards.

Secondly, clean your brewer regularly because the debris and dust particles present in this machine tend to clog the working parts, which decreases its lifespan. So, if you want your Keurig to last long, then clean it regularly.
If you are using any reusable filter, remember to clean it regularly so that the dirt and dust particles do not accumulate inside your brewer. This can affect the overall performance of this coffee brewer machine.

Moreover, you should take proper care of your Keurig by avoiding dropping it or breaking it intentionally because these things can surely decrease the lifespan of this brewer.

How to Clean Keurig Coffee Brewer?

According to Modern Home Guru, you should regularly clean your coffee brewer to make it work fine for a longer time. To clean Keurig, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, unplug this machine to completely disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet.
  2. After removing the plug, open up its water container.
  3. Now, remove the water filter and then wash it with warm water. You should not use any soap or other chemical-based solution to clean this filter because that might ruin the taste of your coffee in the future. If you are using any reusable filters, then remove them gently and clean them accordingly.
  4. After cleaning the filter, put it back into its place.
  5. Now, you can clean its exterior with a damp cloth or sponge. After cleaning the Keurig machine, it’s time to make sure that all the parts are thoroughly dry before plugging it back in.
  6. After cleaning this coffee brewer, put back the water container and then place the glass carafe on your machine.
  7. Lastly, plug in and switch on this machine and wait for a minute to let the water flow through the system.


After reading these simple steps, we can conclude that it totally depends on you, which is ultimately better than other coffee brewers available in the market. Most Keurig users claim that they are not satisfied with the price of Keurig coffee pods, but it has some other features that make it more unique than others.

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