How Long Does Monistat-1 Stay Inside You? [Answered]

If you are suffering from a fungal infection and just got a dose of Monistat-1, you must want to know how long does Monistat-1 stay inside you? We will answer your question with complete references and deep research.

Fungal infection is the result of the fungus which generally resides on our skin. It is generally difficult to get rid of this infection because it tends to stay inside you until your immune system fights back against it. Generally, when Monistat-1 is used, then it must be inserted into the vagina, but if you are using Monistat-1 cream, you can simply apply it to the outer area of the vagina. It can be sexually transmitted to your partner as well.

What is Monistat-1?

Monistat-1 is a gynecological antifungal medication that can be used to treat vaginal yeast infections. It comes in different forms like cream, ointment, etc.

How long does Monistat-1 stay inside you?

How Long Does Monistat-1 Stay Inside You

It has been found in a study that when Monistat-1 is applied internally to the vagina, then it remains inside the vagina for 7 days. You don’t need to apply Monistat-1 every day to your vagina as it can last for one week inside you easily.

A study also found that when Monistat-1 is applied externally to the vagina, it remains inside the skin for about 1 day only. It is also necessary to know that Monistat-1 can be easily removed with water and soap.
You may experience some medicine discharge from the vagina after applying Monistat-1.

The medicine remains inside your vagina until you take a bath, and that’s why it is quite important to keep changing sanitary napkins regularly.

It must be noted that if you are pregnant, then you should never use Monistat-1 inside your vagina as it may harm the baby and can cause some severe problems.

You should remember that if you apply Monistat-1 externally on the skin, it remains inside your vagina for a longer time than when you use Monistat-1 internally.

It is important that you do not use scented pads or tampons during your menstrual periods and try to change pads and tampons regularly. This will help you in avoiding yeast infections after your periods.
In case you have diabetes, you must also avoid using Monistat-1 because it can increase blood sugar levels which may harm the person who has diabetes.

Why does Monistat-1 stay longer inside you?

Monistat-1 is considered one of the best vaginal infection treatment medications, and it can be effective for fungus infections as well. But sometimes, Monistat-1 stays longer inside the vagina due to several reasons like:

The yeast infection or Candida Albicans is generally present in the skin folds and local moist areas, which allow the fungus to reside inside you. So if you apply Monistat-1 externally, then it may not treat the infection completely as it can’t reach inside the vagina folds.

In case if you apply Monistat-1 internally, then its cream or ointment will spread all over your vaginal muscles and areas, which can directly affect fungal infection and fungus present deep inside the vagina. It gets a chance to kill the fungus easily by spreading and penetrating cream and ointment all over the vagina where the infection generally resides.

The other important reason why Monistat-1 stays inside you is that it can give you some mild side effects like nausea, vomiting, etc., which cause vaginal discharge. This way, Monistat-1 does not remain inside the vagina for a long time, but you can feel some medicine effects for a long time because of vaginal discharge.

How to clean Monistat-1 out?

It is always advisable that you not use Monistat-1 for more than 10 consecutive days because it can alter the natural vaginal flora and cause other problems. It means this medicine should be used a maximum of 7 days a week.

To clean Monistat-1 out of the vagina, you have to follow simple steps, which are as follows:

  1. Don’t flush Monistat-1 away with water inside the vagina because it can lead to some serious problems like fungal urinary tract infection. Instead of flushing, you should start taking a bath (preferably warm water) and let your vagina get soaked for 5 minutes in the water.
  2. This will help you in getting rid of Monistat-1 because you can feel its effects for a longer time when it’s in contact with water.
  3. After 5 minutes of bath, you can sit down on the toilet seat and start passing urine. This will help expel your vagina completely because Monistat-1 tends to get mixed inside vaginal discharge after urination.
  4. And flushing Monistat-1 out of the vagina is much better than letting it remain inside your vagina because it can cause some serious problems like fungal urinary tract infection.
  5. You should also remember to wash your hands with warm water and soap after taking a bath so that you do not get the medication spilled on your hands into your eyes or mouth.

If, after trying these steps, you feel that Monistat-1 is not getting out of your vagina, you should contact your doctor immediately so that he may ask you to go for some other medication that can help remove or flush out Monistat-1 from the vagina completely.

How does Monistat-1 work?

Monistat-1 cream or ointment is considered one of the most effective medications for treating fungal yeast infections in the vagina. It contains a Monistat-1 suppository which works as antifungal medicine, and it treats vaginal fungus by killing the Candida albicans infection completely.

The best thing about Monistat-1 cream or ointment is that it gets directly affected to the source of vaginal infection and gives you complete relief from pain, itching, and irritation which generally occurs during a yeast infection.

The active ingredient of Monistat-1 cream works as an antifungal agent, and it belongs to the imidazole family. Imidazoles are one of the most useful medications that help treat yeast infections by stopping the growth of fungus.

As Monistat-1 can easily penetrate inside the vagina, it helps reach the fungal infection source directly without any problem. And since it is available in both cream and ointment form, you can either apply the cream on the external vaginal area or ointment inside the vagina to get complete relief from vaginal yeast infection.

This cream can also give you some mild side effects like nausea, vomiting, headache, etc., which are generally caused by this drug medication because it has ingredients that can cause these mild side effects in women. However, it does not have any serious side effects, and women can easily use it to get complete relief from vaginal yeast infection.


Monistat-1 can stay in your system for 7 days. So this is all about this drug medication, and I hope you will get great information from this article. Please note that this article is only for educational purposes, and in any severe circumstances, you should contact your doctor.



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