How Long Does Mustard Last in the Fridge? [Answered]

Mustard is one of the notorious and full of aroma condiments that are not doubted to be included in any meal. There are many recipes that demand the use of mustard like Hot Dogs, but what you also need to know is how long does mustard last in the fridge.

The shelf life of mustard depends on various factors, such as its freshness and ingredients. We will discuss the shelf life of mustard after opening and if left unopened.

Mustard becomes stale or rancid when it is exposed to oxygen, which occurs after the jar is opened. Storing in the Fridge slows this process down but not completely. The acidity of mustard prevents it from becoming contaminated with bacteria that cause food spoilage. This counts as a factor in the long-term storage of mustard.

How Long Does Mustard Last in the Fridge

How long does mustard last in the Fridge?

Mustard can last for one year to 18 months if you keep it in the Fridge. After opening, it can last for three to six months.

Below is the table that will define the shelf life of mustard in the fridge, freezer, and room temperature.

MustardTemperatureLast for
OpenedNormal room temperature1 to 2 months
OpenedRefrigerator (40° F ( 4° C)18 months
OpenedFreezer (0° F (-18° C)3 years
UnopenedNormal room temperature1 year
UnopenedRefrigerator (40° F ( 4° C)2 years
UnopenedFreezer (0° F (-18° C)5 years

Does Mustard Goes Bad?

Yes, if there is no proper temperature control. The spices and other ingredients in mustard go bad if there is a considerable change in temperature. These can affect the color, taste, and smell of mustard that, will be noticeable as it ages.

If you want to store your favorite condiment for longer periods of time, consider buying bulk amounts from manufacturers with small amounts per jar. Here are some brands and their expiry dates.

American mustard: This famous brand of mustard can last for two years when unopened at room temperature. After opening, it can last for one year when stored in the fridge.

  • Dijon mustard: It can last for three years when unopened. When stored in the refrigerator after opening, it can last for one year.
  • Honey mustard: It can last for three years when unopened at room temperature. Once opened, you can store it in the fridge for two years.
  • Dry mustard: In the Fridge, you can store it for a long time, and at room temperature, you can store it for three years.
  • Chinese mustard: When stored properly, it can last up to two years in the pantry. After opening, it will keep for a year in the Fridge.
  • Homemade mustard: This type of mustard can only last one day at room temperature. However, in the Fridge, it can last for months if stored properly.

How to tell if mustard goes bad?

There are a few signs that will indicate that your mustard is now spoiled.

Sour Smell

If your mustard smells rancid or sour, it has gone bad. Mustard with dark color and a porous consistency also indicates spoilage. If you try to taste the food that uses this condiment and you notice its strong metallic taste, then avoid buying any more of that brand.

Lumpy Texture

If your mustard powder lump together instead of being smooth, it has lost its freshness and moisture.

Soggy Look

When wet spots appear on your opened jar of mustard, then it is ready to be thrown away. If you want to save this certain brand of jars from spoiling, buy them in smaller quantities or make a larger size at once since they will spoil quickly after opening it.

How to store mustard properly?

There are a few pro chef tips that you can use to store your mustard properly after opening it.
Keep it in Seal Tight Container

Once you open your mustard jar, limit the exposure to air and moisture by transferring it into a tightly sealed container. You can use any type of container that seals tightly, like plastic food containers.

Keep in a Cool Place

Keeping your opened jar in a cool and dark place is highly important for better taste and longer shelf life. Avoid storing in cupboards under direct sunlight.

Use Opened Jars Quickly

Try to use opened jars of mustard as quickly as possible. If you can’t finish it in three months, transfer the leftovers into an airtight container and freeze it. This method can extend its shelf life for about six months. Note: refreezing may affect the consistency of mustard.

Freeze it in the Ice Cube Tray

If you want to preserve your opened jar of must, fill an ice cube tray with leftover mustard and store it in the freezer. When you need to use any one of these cubes, just let it thaw at room temperature for a couple of minutes. Ensure that there is no thin trace of water since this will affect the taste.

Keep it in Fridge

Special care must be taken when storing your mustard in the Fridge since it will lose its moisture and can take solid form. When you want to use it, bring it to room temperature before taking a spoonful or two.


Mustard is part of many different recipes in the world. It can be used in marinades, dips, dressings, sauces, and more. This condiment will definitely make your dish taste better. When you want to enjoy this tasty experience for a longer period of time, follow these suggestions to keep your opened jar fresh for many months or years.

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