How Long Does YesStyle Take To Ship? [Answered]

YesStyle is a brand name of an online e-commerce store where you can buy bags, shoes, watches, garments, and much more. YesStyle is a sub-company of YesAsia, one of the biggest online stores selling products from Japan. YesAsia was founded in 1998, and it has expanded ever since.

YesStyle ships all across the world to over 200 countries worldwide. I don’t know which country you are reading this article in, but the delivery time for all countries is almost the same.
So how long does YesStyle take to ship? Well, find the detailed answer below.

How long does YesStyle take to ship?

how long does YesStyle take to ship
Shipping MethodDelivery Time
Express3-5 Business Days
Standard7-21 Business Days

If you are using an express shipping method, then you will get your order within 3-5 business days. If you are using a standard shipping method, then it can take 7-21 business days to ship the order.

This is the shipping time for all countries; whether you are ordering from California, Canada, Australia, Germany, or Texas, the delivery timing is pretty much the same as mentioned above.

YesStyle has been working since 2006, and since then, they have shipped thousands of orders to several countries. Some people are still wondering how long YesStyle takes to ship because they don’t know the process.

Note: if your order takes longer than the estimated days to arrive, you can call their customer service number at +1-(855)-499-8433.

The headquarter of YesStyle is in Hing Kong, and shipments are coming from their warehouses located in Hing Kong, Shanghai, China, and Hong Kong.

About YesStyle

YesStyle is an online shopping store for women’s fashion clothing, bags, shoes, and watches. It was founded by Joshua K. Lau in 2006 with one goal in mind to offer great products at discount prices. YesStyle is a sub-company of, so they offer almost the same shipping to all countries around the globe.

You can also find brands like Casio, Kipling, Befree, etc., on YesStyle. They work with manufacturers and distributors directly, so they pass the cost onto you, making it easier for you to shop online.

Their team is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to serve you better. Their customer service chat is always available for any kind of help that you might need. You can also contact them through email or their phone number, which is given above in the article.

Why does it take that long to deliver?

As you know, YesStyle is not a small brand or e-commerce store. The company has been working since 2006 and has earned a massive trust of customers since then. So when you are working as a big brand, and you need to deliver everything everywhere, then it’s not that easy.

YesStyle ships all orders from their warehouse located in Hing Kong or Shanghai, China, and then they distribute it worldwide. They have warehouses everywhere globally, so delivery time is almost the same across the world.

So if you are living in the USA and your friend who lives in Australia ordered a product from the YesStyle, then the chances are that you will get your product before him.
It’s a worldwide brand, and they work with many manufacturers and distributors, so sometimes it can take time, depending on how busy they are. But don’t worry, once you place the order, your order will be shipped ASAP.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you can track your order on their website. Just visit the official website of YesStyle and then log in to your account. Now you need to enter your order number and track it. If that order is not yet shipped, then they will show you the date and time of when it will be shipped.

You can also track your order on their official social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc.; just search for YesStyle and follow them and keep an eye on their updates, so you don’t miss any information about your order.

Is there any refund policy?

There is a 100% refund policy. YesStyle wants to ensure that their customers are happy with their purchase, so if you have ordered something by mistake or because of a technical issue on the website, you can always get your money back.

You just need to call them at their customer service number, which is mentioned above in the article, and they will guide you through the process. So just keep that number handy if you need any help regarding your order.

You should know that YesStyle is an online shopping site and a fashion company that offers free returns on all their orders. If you are unhappy with something, then you can always return that item, and they will give you a full refund.

Are their products good?

Yes, YesStyle offers great products at discounted prices. You can easily find good branded clothes, bags, shoes, and watches on the YesStyle website. They have their own in-house brand called 18moons which makes nice accessories for women’s fashion clothing.

They offer free returns too, so if you are unhappy with any product, then you can always return it and get your refund.

To end this article, I would like to say that YesStyle is a good online shopping store for all fashion lovers. If you want to buy any type of accessories or clothes, then YesStyle is the best place where you can find almost every brand under one roof.


So, in this article, we have discussed how long YesStyle takes to ship and where they are located. We hope that you find this article helpful; thanks!
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