How Long is a Minecraft Day and Night Cycle Last? [Answered]

How Long is a Minecraft Day and Night Cycle Last? Minecraft is a gameplay-focused game where players create or mine different types of blocks in a three-dimensional environment. The game has two dimensions, day and night. How long is an average Minecraft day? What happens when it is time for the sun to rise again?

This article will answer all the above questions.

The average Minecraft Day/Night lasts 20 minutes in real-time. When the sun starts to set, it’s dangerous to stay outside because zombies are stronger during the night. If you don’t have any light sources, then you can use torches or jack o ‘lanterns that burn out after a while.

The time runs 72 times faster in Minecraft than it does in real life. When the sun sets, you’d better get back to your shelter before zombies start spawning everywhere.

How long is the Day/Night Cycle in Minecraft Game?


Minecraft is a game where time runs 72 times faster than real-world time. So the day/night cycle completes after every 20 minutes. It means, in Minecraft, 24 hours goes as 20 minutes in real-time.

What is the Day/Night Cycle in Minecraft?

There are four different stages in the Minecraft day-night cycle: The start of a new daytime, night, dawn, and dusk.


In the daytime, the game looks brighter, and monsters become less dangerous. Most animals are more active, which makes them easier to find. You can use this time to gather resources or craft tools.


After 20 minutes of playtime, night appears. At night, the game is darker, and many mobs come out of hiding to attack you. With the proper equipment, including weapons, many mobs can be taken down. You can also sneak around and avoid them until the day comes back again.


The morning brings sunlight, which makes monsters run away from you. It is a perfect time to gather up all the remaining resources. Not only that, but also you need less daylight to craft stuff because you can see better in the morning.


The red-tinted nighttime becomes darker and decreases your visibility. It is advised to find a shelter before dusk comes; otherwise, it will be difficult to survive the night when all the mobs come out of their hiding places. You can also use torches or jack o’lanterns to keep the mobs away. Fortunately, players won’t be visible from a far distance at this time because of the darkness.

CyclesLasting Time
Daytime10 Minutes
Nighttime7 Minutes
Dawn/Sunrise1.5 Minutes
Dusk/Sunset1.5 Minutes

How long is a Minecraft Day?

The Minecraft day is 10 minutes long. During this time, you can gather resources and craft items.

Monsters spawn at night, so it is advised to quickly find shelter before the sun sets completely. Otherwise, monsters will appear out of nowhere and start chasing you around.

How long is Minecraft Night?

The Minecraft night is 7 minutes long. During this time, monsters become stronger and more dangerous than they are during the day. Find a suitable shelter as soon as possible to avoid facing them alone.

Minecraft is a game featuring two dimensions, namely day and night. The Minecraft Day/Night cycle is 20 minutes long in real life and 72 times faster than real-world time.

How to Survive in Minecraft Day/Night Cycle?

As mentioned above, the Minecraft Day/Night cycle consists of four different states: Dawn/Sunrise, day/sunlight, dusk/sunset, and night. It is advised to use daylight to gather resources and craft tools for fighting against hostile mobs during nighttime.

Stay away from caves and buildings at dawn or sunrise because mobs spawn outside.

Do not run into caves or buildings at night because mobs will start attacking you immediately.

Daytime is perfect for exploring new areas and gathering resources.

Dusk/Sunset takes place shortly before nightfall, so stay sharp if you don’t want to be surprised by hostile mobs during the night. It’s best to leave your shelter early to avoid being trapped inside.

In Minecraft, a new day starts with a new dawn Minecraft and players have to take advantage of these moments before night comes again. The basic goal of this game is to survive until somebody beats you or you beat the Ender Dragon by staying alive and fighting off monsters.

How long is a One Week in Minecraft World?

Minecraft world’s one week lasts 2.3 hours in the real world because the Minecraft day and night is 20 minutes long.

How long is a Minecraft Month?

A Minecraft month lasts 9.2 hours in the real world as the Minecraft day and night cycle lasts 20 minutes per one day. This time is enough for growing crops, feeding animals, and building more complicated things like houses or castles.

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