Has Acquired

We are excited to announce our merger with Trak Couriers ( which was a news and informational blog. However, we have acquired this blog and now it is part of our company.

Our Best Pages

While we are merging with SASReCon, we already have some great pieces of content on our blog. If you are a reader of SASReCon then you can also read our best pages here:

You can read these pages and get benefits from them.

Key Highlights of Acquisition

Here are some key highlights of’s acquisition of Trak Couriers:

  1. Strategic Expansion:
    • The acquisition marks SasReCon’s strategic move to expand its online presence and diversify its portfolio by entering the news and information industry.
  2. Enhanced Content Offerings:
    •, being a news and informational blog, brings a new dimension to SasReCon’s content offerings. This acquisition enables SasReCon to provide a more comprehensive range of information to its audience.
  3. Audience Reach and Engagement:
    • SasReCon gains access to’s existing audience, enhancing its reach in the online community and potentially increasing user engagement through diverse and informative content.
  4. Synergy in Expertise:
    • The acquisition allows SasReCon to leverage the expertise of’s content creators and journalists, enriching its own capabilities in delivering high-quality, timely, and relevant information to its audience.
  5. Technological Integration:
    • SasReCon may integrate its technological resources with’s platform, potentially enhancing the user experience and optimizing content delivery through innovative technologies.
  6. Monetization Opportunities:
    • SasReCon gains new avenues for monetization through advertising, partnerships, and other revenue streams associated with the news and informational content provided by
  7. Brand Synergy:
    • The acquisition aims to create brand synergy, combining the strengths and values of both SasReCon and to establish a stronger and more recognizable presence in the online space.
  8. Market Positioning:
    • The acquisition reinforces SasReCon’s position in the market as a dynamic and forward-thinking entity, capable of adapting to industry trends and meeting the evolving needs of its audience.
  9. Enhanced Competitiveness:
    • By expanding its offerings, audience, and capabilities, SasReCon positions itself as a more competitive player in the digital landscape, able to compete effectively with other entities in the online information sector.
  10. Commitment to Quality Journalism:
    • SasReCon’s acquisition of underscores its commitment to providing quality journalism and reliable information, aligning with the principles of transparency and credibility.

Overall, the acquisition of by SasReCon represents a strategic business decision aimed at growth, diversification, and providing an enriched experience for its audience in the digital information space.

We are excited about this acquisition and what it means for enhancing our service to the citizens of South Africa.