Where is the Tracking Number on a FedEx Label

Tracking packages is like being a detective for your own stuff. Do you know what’s cooler? Finding the tracking number on a FedEx label! It’s like the secret code to unveil the mystery of where your package is. No worries, we’re here to help you decode that number puzzle.

Where is the Tracking Number on a FedEx Label USA

Alright, let’s spill the beans. On a FedEx label, the tracking number can be like a ninja – hiding in plain sight. Look right at the top of the label, usually near the barcode. It’s usually a combo of numbers and letters, like your package’s own secret language.

FedEx Tracking

Imagine having a magic globe that shows where your package is, right down to the street! FedEx tracking is like that globe – it lets you peek at your package’s journey. Just type in your tracking number on the FedEx website or app, and voilà, the magic unfolds.

FedEx Tracking by Address

Wait, what if you’re not the package owner but still curious? No worries, you can use the address where the package is going instead of the tracking number. This way, you can still follow the adventure, even if you don’t have the secret tracking number.

FedEx Near Me

Let’s say you’re so excited that you want to wait at the doorstep, like a kid waiting for candy. You can use the “FedEx near me” option to see where the nearest FedEx locations are. This way, you won’t miss the package parade.

FedEx Freight Tracking

Oh, big packages need love too! FedEx freight tracking is like playing hide-and-seek with giants. Just use your tracking number, and you’ll see where the big package is roaming. Spoiler: It’s usually on a truck.

FedEx Shipping Label Online

Picture this: You’re in your PJs, and you suddenly remember you need to ship something. FedEx saves the day with online shipping labels. You can create one online, stick it on your package, and send it on its way without changing out of your PJs!

FedEx Tracking Phone Number

What if you’re not a fan of the internet? No worries, you can call the FedEx tracking phone number and a friendly voice will tell you where your package is. It’s like having a virtual assistant at your service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does tracking info stay?

A: Tracking info usually hangs around for about 90 days. So don’t worry, you won’t forget where your package has been.

Q: Can I track multiple packages at once?

A: You betcha! You can enter up to 30 tracking numbers at a time. That’s like tracking a whole squadron of packages.

Q: What if my tracking number doesn’t work?

A: Oopsie! Double-check those digits. If it’s still playing hard to get, reach out to the FedEx team for help.

Q: Does FedEx track on weekends too?

A: Absolutely! FedEx is on the case 7 days a week, so you can know where your package is even on lazy Sundays.


So, where’s that sneaky tracking number on a FedEx label? Right at the top, near the barcode! With FedEx tracking, you can follow your package’s adventures by using the tracking number or even the address. Whether you’re a digital wizard or prefer the old-school phone call, FedEx has your back. Now you’re ready to unveil the mystery of your package’s journey!

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