Enter your ID number and phone number to perform the SASSA status check online!

Your SASSA grant status is available on this website. Perform your SRD status check, SASSA payment status check, and SASSA status PIN.

You can also use the SASSA website to check sassa status. You will know if the SASSA status approved, or if there is a pending status.

SRD Status Check

Check SASSA status and appeal status online. Just enter your cell phone number and ID number to get your SASSA grant payment status.

  • SASSA Status Pending
  • SASSA status approved
  • Status Declined
  • SASSA status failed

You can check your grant application Sassa status for 2024 as well. We also have added all the payment dates for SASSA applicants. Just enter your ID number in the first box and then your phone number in the second box and enter the Check Status button and that’s it. Also, know about SASSA’s status pin.

SRD Status Check Online

The Social Relief of Distress grant offers R350 cash payments every month. This grant started in 2021 when the world was facing COVID-19 lockdown. There were millions of people in South Africa who were suffering from unemployment at that time.

With the SRD grant, the government has established a great example of true democracy which was the vision of Nelson Mandela. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people had to leave their shops and they went into poverty. However, the SRD R350 grant came up with hope and motivation.

Now you can do an SRD status check on this website and get to know if SASSA approves your application and you can collect your R350 cash now.

SRD Status Check For R350 Payment Dates For 2024

2024 is about to come, so the payments are. If you are a SASSA grant applicant then you must need to know your payday dates. Without these payment dates, you can not collect your cash.

So here is the table of all the payment dates for SASSA grants in 2024.

How to Check SASSA SRD R350 Grant Application Status?

Do you still need clarification about the checking method of the SRD grant application? Well, we are with you at every step so you do not need to worry at all. Here we will show you how you can check the status of your SRD R350 grant application.

SRD SASSA Status Check Online at srd.sassa.gov.za Portal

The easiest way to check your grant application status is by using the SASSA services portal website. The address of that website is srd.sassa.gov.za and it is the official government website. However, there is a con to this method. The web portal stays down most of the time. Due to a large number of applicants, the server goes down for many hours and you have to wait for your turn.

But you can use our website instead of the governmental portal. We have installed fast servers and our tracking tool is also developed by expert developers. So you can 100% rely on us when it comes to the SRD Sassa status checking platform.

Here is how to check your grant status:

  1. Visit the srd.sassa.gov.za website.
  2. Now tap on “https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/status” to go to the status checking page.
  3. Here you need to enter your South African ID number on the first box.
  4. Now enter your phone number in the second box linked to your grant application.
  5. Tab on the submit button and check your SASSA application status.

SRD Status Check at Moya App

If you want to use another method for your application confirmation status then here is the Moya App status for you. You can use this app to check your R350 status online. Just do this:

  1. Download the app from the Google Play Store or you can also download it from Apple App Store if you are an iPhone user.
  2. Now install the app and open it to check your application status.
  3. On the homepage of this app, you will see the Discover section so tap on it.
  4. From the Discover section, you need to tap on the Services option.
  5. Here you will need to tap on the SRD zero-rated option.
  6. The app will land you on the official page of SASSA where you can check your status without airtime and mobile data internet.

SRD R350 Status Check On WhatsApp

The current era is the era of social media and messaging apps. One of the most popular apps in 2024 is WhatsApp Messenger.

Every 8 people have installed WhatsApp on their phones out of 10 people. So you can utilize this app for your SRD application as well.

This is the method that you can use to view your SASSA application approval online using WhatsApp.

  1. Tap on this number to open it directly into your WhatsApp app “082 046 8553”.
  2. Now send a message “SASSA status check” and await a reply.
  3. You need to provide your ID number and phone number in the chat to check your status.

SASSA Status Check for SRD R350 on Smartphone App

There is an app on the Google Play Store that you can download and check grant status easily. Just click on the below button to download the app and check or apply for SASSA grants online.

SASSA SRD Application Status Check On Phone Call

If you are not a big fan of the internet or you do not have access to the internet, but you are still waiting to check your application, this method is for you.

There is no need to have an internet connection when you need to check your Social Relief of Distress status. Use your phone and call 080 060 1011.

You will listen to different automated options like, for grant status press 1, for application press 2, etc. So you need to press 1 to check your grant status.

Now you will listen to another automated response asking you to enter your ID number to check your status.

Follow the commands and listen to your application approval status.

350 Status Check at SASSA Office

No internet, no phone, no app? Don’t worry at all. We have covered you again. You can still check your grant approval when you do not have all these things. How? Well, see for yourself.

  1. Visit the nearest SASSA office in your region. You can use Google Maps to find out the nearest. Just type “SASSA offices near me” in Google Maps and find the office location.
  2. Go to the office and meet with any officer. Ask him about your application and he will guide you on how to check your status.
  3. The officer will ask you for your Application ID number and phone number. You need to provide it. Also, the officer will ask you for your ID document that you need to show him.
  4. Get your status from the officer and that’s it.

What Are the Meanings of SRD Status Check Online?

  • SASSA Status Check Pending: If you have applied for the SASSA grant then your application process is not completed yet. You need to wait.
  • Bank Details Pending: You need to add banking details to your SASSA status check account.
  • SASSA Grant Application Approved: You are lucky because your SASSA application is approved.
  • SASSA Status Check Declined: SASSA officials have declined your SASSA appeal status.

How to Apply for the SASSA COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant?

If you are unemployed or earning less than R624 per month, you can benefit from the SASSA SRD grant.

Apply Through Srd.sassa.gov.za Application Website

  1. Go to SASSA online portal service and choose between “South African ID Holders” and “Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders” according to your ID document. We are taking South African ID Holders as an example here.
  2. Now click on “South African ID Holders” to proceed to registration.
  3. Now click on “Click here to apply online”.
  4. Enter your mobile number.
  5. Now your 13-digit SA ID number.
  6. Get an OTP from SASSA and submit it back to the website.
  7. You are done, your application is submitted.

What is the Post Process of the SASSA SRD R350 Application?

Once you have submitted your application, SASSA will do due diligence on your application. It will go through many verification processes. SASSA uses the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) to verify your details.

Once your application passes all the steps, SASSA will approve you for the R350 grant.

How to Collect SASSA R350 Grant Payment?

Approved for SRD grant? Did you get your payment date? Now you are wondering desperately about how to collect your payment, right? Well, there are many ways to get your money from SASSA.

Get R350 Payment Via Bank Mobile Money Transfer

One of the easiest ways to get your payment is using the Bank Mobile Money Transfer method. In this way, you need to add your banking details to the SASSA application and get your payment.

Collect SRD R350 Payment at Cash Send Stores (Boxer. Pick n Pay, Shoprite)

Another way to get your financial aid is using the Cash Send method. You can choose Pick n Pay or Boxer store to get your payment.

To switch from the banking method to cash send, you need to change banking details and choose SASSA cash send stores.


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Congratulations to all who are approved for SRD R350 payment from SASSA. You can check your payment status, balance, and application status on this website anytime.